Day 11. The End.

So here we are. After 5 hours trek we are in Lukla, to catch our plane to Kathmandu tomorrow.

Few figures below:

We walked in total 203km (126.2 miles).

Start point: Lukla – 2840m (9817.6 ft).

Lowest point: 2490m (8169.3 ft).

Highest point: Everest Base Camp – 5364m (17598.4 ft).

That’s it. Biggest adventure of my life.

Thank you for following.



Lodges are the places we stay for night and food.

They are very basic and the heating is located usually in common area.

Rooms are very basic. So if you expect 5 star comfort, this adventure is not for you.

There is no heating in the room, no matter the price. So temperature can easily drop below zero and reach -15°C on higher altitudes.

Common areas have good atmosphere and these are the places where we can meet interesting people and exchange experience.

Toilets and showers are a challenge. Usually cold, and on high altitudes, frozen in the night. Higher you are, worst it looks like.

Yes, it’s not joke. I had to use brush to break ice first before use. And yes, usually it is yellow as having 0,5l bucket for flushing (forget about flushing system after Namche) it is hell of a work to get rid of previous user remains, so everybody making symbolic effort.

But at the end, consider how high and far away from civilization we are, it is good effort to provide dry place to sleep and place to p…💩


Although we are here to look up and admire majestic mountains, let’s look closer what is under our feet.

First part of the trek from Lukla to Phakding we mostly walk on the “road”

After Phakding we getting higher and we start walk ground paths

Which remind a lot what we can see in Europe in average height mountains. We are surrounded by high fauna and trees.

Higher we walk, less trees is observed and more rocks are presented on the trial.

The landscape changes vastly after we leave Dingboche. We are walking on the open spaces and valleys. No trees there. Barely any fauna is present. Rocky landscape. All open spaces, so it can be windy.

Reaching Gorak Shep where altitude is 5000m plus, the trial become pretty dangerous, as we walk on the glacier.

When descent starts we walking same terrain in reversed order.

What to take? Walking boots (no need for professional hiking ones) and trekking poles (useful for most of the walk).

Let’s not forget about “passes”. Passes are very hard and steep parts of the trial where we gain a lot of altitude on a  short distance.

On those be very careful and set your own pace.

Day 10

Descent from Pangboche started at 8:30AM. We are aiming to reach Monjo (2600m), so last day trek to Lukla should be nice and easy.

It is generally nice walk. It’s amazing what oxygene in the air do to your body after being for few days in low oxygene zone.

It’s also getting warmer, so it is much easier to walk 25-30 km a day than 10-15 when you go up.

Weather is lovely so we should reach our destination in 2 hours.

At 4:30AM we arrived to Monjo. Long day. 8 hours of trek.

Tomorrow is a last day.


As this is enormous excercise for the body and mind, it is important to eat.

Generally meat is no no. It has to be transported for few days with no fridge.

I broke this rule once and it ended up very badly.

So stay with local dishes. They are reach in proteins, full of ginger and garlic which will keep you warmed up and energized.

Here are few suggestions:

Sherpa Stew –  always veg option. Very nice and in reasonable price. It’s soup made from local vegies.

Egg fried rice – no brainer. Very tasty, good price, big portions. Sometime it is worth to ask for little oil 😉. Rice, veg, egg. Simple.

Mo mo – dumplings fried or steamed with potato, cheese, meat. You remember? Avoid meat. Best option is potato/cheese. This is nepaleese speciality. Must have. Both options are amazing.

Dal bhat – nepaleese set. Is what you see on the pictures. Attention: unlimited refil!

Noodle soups – nevermind the option. Very tasty, reasonable prices.

Western options – sphagetti, pizza, burgers. Average really. Like supermarket frozen food from microwave.

For breakfast you can have whatever you want. Most economy option is set breakfast

Bon apetite!

Day 9

Defeated by nature. We tried climb Kala Pattar at 6AM, but temp -25°C beat us. We stop after 2/3 distance and came back to Gorak Shep lodge where they managed heat up room to… -3°C.

Took few pictures of Everest

At very early morning

-15°C in the room does not encourage to leave sleeping bag, believe me.

Windows in lodge looked amazing tho

After breakfast we start descent. Beautiful morning. And someone opened tap with oxygen!

Unfortunately after a while wind starts blow badly, then we get some clouds 

and snow

Generally in last two days these majestic land show me where my place is. Broken by wind and frost.

Walking through bad conditions has it’s charm (below)

After 6 hours we get to Pangboche at 4000m altitude for rest. Tomorrow further descent.